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How to strengthen your marriage during the times of COVID-19

Posted by James Judkins | Oct 14, 2020 | 0 Comments

Since March, we are all faced with daily governmental and medical changes in our lives. These daily changes wreck havoc on routines and even emotions. When individuals get out of their daily routine, stress ensues. Relationships are not exempt from the same disruptions caused by COVID-19 precautions.

People are conditional creatures meaning their love is dependent on getting their needs met. When that person feels his or her needs are not being met, a divorce usually ensues. The exception is the unconditional love a parent feels for their child. 


Almost all relationships that fail do so because of a lack of, or poor communication. Have you ever read the book, 'Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars'? This book illustrated the differences between the sexes. The author likened the planet Venus, named for the Roman goddess of love to woman and men to the planet Mars, named after the roman god of war. Ladies, unless you have been living under a rock you know that men just are not great at taking hints. Instead of hoping men will someday figure out your hints, if you want something from your man be clear and tell him. If you want him to man up and be the man in the relationship, tell him. Do not expect him to be able to read your mind. Men you need to be more sensitive to what your woman wants. Do not hope that someday she will think logically the way you do. Listen to what your woman says. When she is talking to you just listen and abstain from offering solutions. Men are solution based creatures and woman are emotion based. More than likely she just wants to be heard. When she's giving hints, work to understand them. If it makes you feel better, tell her you want to understand her better and ask her for help. She will most likely be thrilled you want to understand her better. 

Be respectful

Most people cannot love someone for whom they have little to no respect. If you are disrespectful towards your spouse you can bet they will fall out of love with you. If your spouse is being disrespectful towards you the first thing you should not do is lash out at him or her. Obviously, I am not suggesting you let your spouse run all over you. Take a step back and attempt to ascertain what is ailing your spouse. If you cannot find out, simply ask. Maybe your spouse lost her job due to COVID-19 and is frustrated. 

Be patient and understanding

If your spouse is the type of individual who is having a hard time with the pandemic, be understanding. Everyone has their fears. Some people are not frightened of COVID-19 while others are terrified. If your spouse is scared, try to reassure him or her. Don't make fun of him or her. Put yourself in his position. What frightens you might not frighten your spouse.You might be terrified of spiders and your spouse had a pet tarantula before you married. Fear is a difficult thing for many people to process.

Perhaps your spouse works in the medical field and the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic and exhaustive safety procedures makes him stressed. Maybe your spouse is frustrated because she hasn't seen her mother, who has been in an assisted living center since March, 2020. Be understanding and patient with her.

Spend quality time together

If a relationship is going to last the people must spend quality time together. Spending quality time together will cause you both to grow closer to one another and help you to remain best friends. It will increase your feelings of happiness and view the relationship from a positive lens. Do not take one another for granted. Even if you have been married for 30 years you still need to court and romance one another. 

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