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  • Beware the bulldog lawyer

    Many clients want a bulldog lawyer and aggressive lawyer. What many clients are clueless about is the aggressive lawyer just exploits their desire for aggression to run up a huge legal bill and pursue ineffective and counter productive strategies.  Anyone involved in the court system knows the o...
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  • How are assets divided in a divorce?

    So you are considering or going through a divorce.  In the absence of an agreement, before a court determines how it will divide the assets of the marriage it must first determine what is marital property and what is separate property. In a general overview, separate property is any property own...
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  • Can I oppose a divorce?

    Tennessee is an at fault state meaning, if your spouse will not agree to a divorce your spouse must prove fault grounds. 
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  • How to strengthen your marriage during the times of COVID-19

    Since March, we are all faced with daily governmental and medical changes in our lives. These daily changes wreck havoc on our emotions and routines. When individuals get out of their daily routine, stress ensues. Relationships are not exempt from the same disruptions caused by COVID-19 precautio...
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  • How an unmarried father can get custody

    In Tennessee, absent a custody order to the contrary, custody for a child born outside of wedlock is with the mother. Many individuals believe they can agree to give custody or agree to paternity, outside of the court process. They are mistaken. Only a court of competent jurisdiction ca...
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