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Defending clients against license suspensions and revocations.

Whenever someone has accumulated too many points on their driving record through traffic violations, is looking at more than a higher insurance premium. An individual who accumulated most points will lose their license as a result of a driving suspension. You have the constitutional right to contest a traffic ticket in court. If you have received any notification of a driver license suspension you need to speak with me as soon as possible.

Prior to the motor vehicle division suspending your license, your chance to keep are entitled to the right to argue for your license in an administrative hearing Mr. Judkins can represent you and argue for your right to keep your license. Mr. Judkins courtroom experience and trial skills gives us the ability and resources and skills to effectively protect your driving privileges. As an alternative to a driving suspension, we can argue for you to take a driving course instead.

Whatever you're looking for Mr. Judkins can effectively fight for whatever you need. His determination and professionalism.

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