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TN, DUI penalties are among the toughest in the nation. Law enforcement can charge you with a per se DUI, which means even if you're not impaired, you can be charge if your BAC is above .08. Given how flawed DUI tests can be, there are a great many drivers on the road who have been arrested for DUI and may have done nothing wrong. Refusing a chemical test can be used against you in court under the implied consent law.

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When you're charged with DUI, it pays to have an experienced attorney on your side. James M. Judkins, Attorney at Law is one of the most effective and experienced DUI lawyers' in Murfreesboro.

He has the trial experience and resources to help his clients get their charges reduced or dismissed.

He knows what the prosecutor is looking for when they're trying to convict you or pressure you into pleading. He uses his knowledge to get his clients the best possible results.

Legal defenses for driver license penalties in TN

DUI Convictions and refusal to submit to a DUI test both result in a one-year driver license revocation. Being charged with DUI may result in the DMV suspending your license, even before you have gone to trial. Waiting months for your court date without a driver license can make your life significantly harder-going to work, getting to school, or picking up your kids would all be off the table. 

Our DUI lawyer in Murfreesboro can help fight for your driving privileges, regardless of the results of your case. for aDMV suspension, we can represent you at your administrative hearing to fight for you to keep your license. if your license was revoked after a conviction, we can argue for you to receive a hardship license, which would allow you to get to school, work, or both.

No matter what you're facing, our MBORO DUI lawyer will fight to protect your future, your right, and your life. Schedule a free consult today at 615-893-8190.

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