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Whether you are intending to adopt a stop child as an act of parental love or if you want to bring a new child into your family, it is good to have a Murfreesboro family attorney guiding you through the process. While adoption is an overwhelmingly positive experience emotionally, it is also a legal mechanism. In his private life attorney Judkins has experienced adoption firsthand. What better individual to guide you through the adoption process.

In the event of a step=child adoption or adopting a child whose parents are still living, you might need to secure a termination of parental rights from the birth parents first.

The firm of James M. Judkins, attorney at law is well-equipped and suited to help you through the adoption process as easily as possible. Attorney Judkins has personal experience with the adoption process, as an immediate family member was adopted. Adoption has changed his life for the better and he personally understands how important these cases are. As a passionate legal researcher, Mr. Judkins spares no resource in pursing the results his clients want.

Adopting a child is a detailed process. Having an attorney who is deeply. Familiar with. Court procedure, documentation, and other components of the adoption process will ensure it is as smooth and efficient as possible.


Mr. Judkins prides himself on acting as counselor, advocate, and advisor for his clients. He takes the time to listen and understand our clients' hopes and needs, and shapes each case accordingly. No two cases are the same, so your attorney should not treat your adoption like any other either. With a highly tailored approach, Mr. Judkins helps his clients achieve their goals with minimal disruption and stress.

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