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Child Abandonment Charges

Tennessee courts consider the abandonment of a child to be a crime, such as child abuse or child neglect. Depending on your child's age, you might be charged with misdemeanor or felony child neglect. The consequences of child abandonment, if convicted, are lifelong: months or years in prison, and hundreds of dollars in restitution. Worse you could lose your parental rights which would legally sever your child from you. 

For a decade, Mr. Judkins has litigated innumerable family law cases. He has spent more time in trial than many lawyers spend their entire career. When people are charged with child abandonment in Tennessee, they call our Murfreesboro criminal defense lawyer: James M. Judkins, Attorney at law. Our experience in courthouses makes us one of the premier litigators in Middle Tennessee and our case history shows it.

If you are at risk of losing your freedom or children, speak to us in a free consultation. Once conversation with our lawyer will help you understand your options and begin to build your defense.


Our firm has heard stories of parents who left their children in their parents care only to learn their families filed a neglect action against them. Tennessee considers it abandonment when a parent leaves a child in the care of another for 18 months or longer without providing for the child's welfare or health. Life is complicated and the legal definition of abandonment may in reality not be abandonment at all.

Our firm acts as advocates, advisors, guides, and advocates. We believe you, and believe you are not guilty of committing a crime. Our attorney will sit with you to understand your story, and begin developing a case to fight for the goal and the results you want. Whether it is resorted custody of your children, dismissed charged, or a trial.

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