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Child custody is the single-most emotional part of any divorce. In ugly divorces, parents often use their child as a trophy to be won, with the parent who wins greater custody serving as the “victor.” These divorce battles can be brutal on kids. However, in real life, courts want parents to co-parent or work together. Courts want children to have BOTH parents in their lives, not just one. As a counselor, advocate, and advisor to our clients, the firm of James M. Judkins tirelessly works to get our client's the best results without hurting their children or families.

When children are at the center of your legal battle, you want a strong litigator in your corner. Attorney Judkins has spent the last decade trying high takes cases before judges and juries throughout Middle Tennessee. Our firm is results oriented, meaning we fight for the best outcome for your needs and goals.


Child custody or parenting time, is divided into two types, physical or legal custody and visitation rights. Physical custody refers to which parent the child lives with, whether the mom, dad or both. Legal custody or decision-making rights is custody for one or both parents to make decisions for their child regarding healthcare, education, and religious upbringing. Even if one parent has physical custody, both parents may share legal custody regarding their child. The parent with whom the child resides may still be legally compelled to allow parenting time to the non-custodial parent.

Child custody agreements (also known as visitation agreements) come together in two ways. Both parents can make an agreement, or have lawyers do so. Additionally, a parent may have to sue for their right to custody or visitation in court. Our Murfreesboro child custody firm is well equipped to handle either situation. If you need help litigating for your children's futures, James Judkins is equipped to be your representative and ally.

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