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Prenuptial Agreements in Tennessee

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In the ramp up to your wedding, prenuptial agreements are not the most romantic topic of conversation. They are, however, critical to your and your spouse’s long-term stability. Prenuptial agreements allow spouses to protect any assets they’re bringing into the marriage while setting terms and expectations regarding what happens if the couple divorces or dies. These agreements are vital for any spouse who owns a business, property, or is the beneficiary of a family trust fund.

However, prenuptial agreements (or antenuptial agreements) are not always self-serving. Prenups also decide how a couple will treat significant debt. If you’re entering marriage with a high amount of liabilities or unpaid loans, then prenups are how you’re going to protect your spouse’s finances from being burdened with your debt. In a way, these contracts put concrete terms on the least romantic parts of your marriage, so the both of you can focus on what really matters to you.

Help Drafting an Agreement That Suits Your Needs

The key to any prenuptial agreement is enforceability. The court will not sign a prenup that contains terms which are illegal or unreasonable. That’s why you need an experienced lawyer to help you craft the prenup. The firm of James M. Judkins, Attorney at Law has spent the better part of a decade inside courtrooms throughout Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee. We understand what judges consider enforceable, and we can use our experience to craft a sensible, thorough, and enforceable prenuptial agreement for you and your spouse.

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