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The end of a marriage is a deeply emotional time, but it’s also a legal procedure. When couples forget that their divorce is legally binding, they are more apt to focus on the wrong things. As advisors, advocates, and divorce attorneys for our clients, the firm of James M. Judkins, Attorney at Law guides our clients through their divorces to help them protect their best interests.

Within a decade, Attorney James M. Judkins has established himself as one of the premier litigators in Middle Tennessee. He has tried numerous cases, spending more time inside the courtroom than most lawyers spend in their entire careers. Whether you’re crafting a divorce agreement with your spouse or you’re preparing for a contested divorce, our firm will be there for you every step of the way, fighting to get the best possible outcomes for you.

Why Choose Our Murfreesboro Divorce Attorney?

In the best-case scenario, our firm helps you craft a fair and equitable divorce agreement with your spouse, empowering the two of you to make decisions on everything: property division, child custody, child support, alimony, and more. Once we’ve helped you reach an agreement that you’re happy with, we’ll bring it before the judge to have him sign it. This is by far the easiest and most affordable type of divorce, but it’s not common.

As a litigator, Mr. Judkins understands more than most the importance of trial preparation. Divorce proceedings can break down at any moment. Despite your best intentions, any divorce can get ugly, resulting in months of court hearings to argue on every issue. While our firm does all we can to make sure that doesn’t happen, having us in your corner means you’re prepared for the worst. Mr. Judkins’ years of trial experience equips us to protect your interests, no matter how hotly contested your divorce becomes.

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