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Defending Clients Against License Suspensions & Revocations

When people accumulate too many points on their driving record, earned through speeding tickets and traffic violations, they’re facing more consequences than a high insurance premium—they’re facing the suspension of their license. You have the right to contest your traffic tickets in court. If you’ve received a notice of proposed license suspension, speak with our Murfreesboro traffic ticket attorney as soon as possible.

Before the DMV can suspend your license, you have a chance to argue for your right to keep your license in an administrative hearing. Attorney James M. Judkins can represent you at this hearing, speaking on your behalf to the DMV officials presiding over your case. Our courtroom experience gives us the resources and skill to effectively protect your rights and your driving privileges. We can also argue for you to take a driving course in lieu of suspending your license.

Whatever result you’re looking for, James M. Judkins, Attorney at Law knows how to fight for it. Our tenacity and reputation have made our firm one of the most distinguished firms in Middle Tennessee.

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Why Hire James M. Judkins, Attorney at Law?

Courtroom experience can’t be faked, bought, or taught in a classroom. It can only be learned by spending time before a judge or jury, learning how to argue and think on your feet, and figuring out how to get our clients the result they want. While there are plenty of paper lawyers in Tennessee, few attorneys have as much courtroom experience as James M. Judkins.

In less than a decade, Mr. Judkins has tried misdemeanors and felonies of all levels, helping the citizen accused win an acquittal. Our proudest cases often involve holding police accountable for violating our clients’ rights, getting their charges dismissed by attacking the prosecutor’s case. We’re more than equipped to handle your traffic ticket case, especially because your future is on the line.

Don’t let the court rob you of your ability to drive—call (615) 219-5555 or contact us online to learn how you can fight back against your traffic ticket record.

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