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Probation Violation

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Among any crime, probation violations are the most likely to result from a misunderstanding or a simple mistake. Missing community service hours, missing a meeting with a probation officer, or leaving a restricted area aren’t necessarily wrong or malicious, but they’ll give your probation officer considerable power over you. If you’ve been asked to report to court for a probation violation hearing, it’s because your probation officer reported you to the judge.

Hearings like yours are why people call experienced criminal defense litigators. You don’t need an inexperienced lawyer or a bargain lawyer—you need a seasoned attorney who has spent their entire career speaking in front of judges and addressing courtrooms. James M. Judkins, Attorney at Law, is a distinguished and respected defense attorney in Murfreesboro for that reason. He is a true litigator, someone who gets results for his clients because he has the grit, tenacity, and strength to fight for your future.

Why Should I Call James M. Judkins?

The first reason is because you need an experienced attorney in your corner right now. Probation violations come with steep penalties, including serving the sentence for the crime you were put in probation for in the first place. Our attorney has tried numerous misdemeanors and felonies at all levels, so our firm knows what prosecutors and judges are looking for.

The second reason is that James M. Judkins is a true advocate. He takes time to understand what his clients want, what they’re looking for, and how to communicate to them. He sees the attorney-client relationship as a team: his clients provide the facts and the story, and Mr. Judkins provides the expert witnesses and the legal research. Every case is Mr. Judkins’ most important case because it’s your most important case, and that’s what matters.

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