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Criminal pasts have a way of following people for the rest of their lives. When your child is facing a lifetime of discrimination and prejudice for their decisions as a child, speak with a strong litigator. Attorney James M. Judkins has the grit and experience to help our minor-age clients protect their future and preserve their freedom.

Every case we take is the most important case of our lives. We spare no time or resource in pursuing the best possible outcomes for our clients. Attorney James M. Judkins has tried a myriad of misdemeanors and felonies, spending more time in court than most attorneys do their entire lives. His litigation experience has equipped our firm with the ability to get results for the accused, helping your child move forward after their arrest.

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The Rights of the Accused in Juvenile Court

Tennessee has special provisions for youth offenders that give them the right to a lawyer at any hearing or proceeding which would remove them from home. Your child has a right to an attorney during detention hearings, probation violation hearings, transfer hearings, and more. Moreover, Tennessee law forbids the waiving of a child’s right to an attorney unless that child has waived his or her rights in writing. If law enforcement has neglected to inform your child of his right to an attorney, then the charges must be challenged.

If your child’s rights have been violated, an experienced litigator can use it to attack the prosecutor’s case. As a Murfreesboro juvenile defense law firm, our proudest cases involved holding the police accountable for overzealous policing. Mr. Judkins has gotten numerous charges dismissed by proving how law enforcement violated our clients’ rights.

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