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Felony charges have a way of simplifying your goals and needs. When you’ve been arrested and accused of a felony, your only priority is getting the right attorney to defend your criminal case. Unfortunately, there are a lot of inexperienced attorneys out there, lawyers who don’t have the grit or tenacity to give your case the attention it requires. Other attorneys simply don’t have trial experience and want to use your case as training wheels.

As a Murfreesboro criminal defense attorney, Attorney James M. Judkins has extensive experience trying felony cases. His place is in the courtroom, where he’s spent more time litigating than most attorneys spend in their entire careers. He knows what prosecutors are looking for, equipping our firm to protect your future and your rights. Whatever your goals are, our attorney will work tirelessly to make sure you get the best possible result.

Don’t take your chances—get a lawyer who understands what you’re facing and knows that it takes to get your charges dismissed or reduced. Call (615) 219-5555 for a free consultation.

Felony Crimes in Tennessee

Felony charges are divided into five categories, depending on their severity. Class A felonies come with the most severe penalties, all the way down to Class E felonies—which are still punishable for up to six years in prison. Felony charges also come with heavy fines, up to $50,000 for Class A felonies. If you’re facing felony charges, your life is on the line.

The most common advice Attorney Judkins gives his clients is to never agree to a search of yourself or your car and to never speak to law enforcement without an attorney. However, even if you’ve done those things already, a strong attorney will still be able to protect your rights. Speak with Mr. Judkins in a free consultation. Our Murfreesboro felony defense attorney provides all callers with honest and straightforward advice, whether or not we take the case. If you want answers from an experienced, aggressive, and skilled litigator, get a free consultation from us today.

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