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Criminal charges turn your life upside down. The lawyer you choose to guide you could determine the direction of the rest of your life. It could mean the difference between probation and serious jail time, the difference between acquittal and a lifetime as a felon. Unfortunately, there are many inexperienced lawyers out there trying to convince you to take a chance on them. Don’t take chances with your future; speak to James M. Judkins, Attorney at Law.

Attorney Judkins is one of the most distinguished lawyers in Middle Tennessee and is a highly-experienced litigator. Our firm has tried misdemeanors and felonies, spending more time before a judge or jury than many attorneys spend in their entire lives. As your advocate, advisor, and counselor, he would provide you with years of courtroom experience to help you get the results you want.

Our Criminal Defense Services in Murfreesboro

As a Murfreesboro criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Judkins can handle every aspect of your case. He takes all felony cases, DUI cases, probation violation cases, and Driver License penalty hearings. When Mr. Judkins is on a case, he stops at nothing to gather information, understand your needs and goals, and get you every resource necessary to fulfill them.

Mr. Judkins has helped his clients get their charges dismissed or reduced. As an intern for the DA, he won his first trial before leaving law school, and he has been winning for his clients ever since. When you’re looking for someone who treats your case as the most important case in the world, who will never ignore your calls and always be honest with you, call Attorney James M. Judkins.

Get a free consultation today! Call (615) 219-5555 to discuss your case with Mr. Judkins, hear your options, and start protecting your future as soon as possible.

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